Wearables Clothes

Across the globe, wearable clothing searches for a better quality of life for people with peripheral neuropathy. In Brazil a device created in 2012 by UNNUDE, which develops electronic clothes with nanotechnology, invented an electronic insole PIESOLE that helps in autonomous walking, emitting resonances that promote vasodilation by stimulating neurological motor function, can also accelerate muscle recovery, retard atrophy, maintain and improve the range of foot movements. The insole was evaluated and used by physiotherapists and also by the team neuroscientists, with promising results in volunteers in the various stages of Parkinson’s and other neuro-rehabilitation, podiatry, orthopedics, sports medicine and pediatric development.

Improvement in quality of life

The electronic insole creates a biostimulation that acts on the blood microcirculation, activating points of regeneration of energy, even with the parkinsonian at rest. The device provides paced pulses that promote balance while walking (muscle memory), amplifying the sense of touch of the foot on the floor, reducing falls and the on-off effect, can also have effects in improving speech and stabilization of vocal cords. The results are promising with increased user performance, increasing self-esteem, which can reduce the dependence of high doses of the drugs indicated in the treatment of this disease, and the serious side effects: delusions, hallucinations and involuntary movements, attributed to the evolution itself of the disease.

UNNUDE (www.unnude.co) has also created an electronic glove, aimed at minimizing the symptoms of stiffness and tremor. The constant development works in the search for positive results in walking and bradykinesia, aiming to achieve a greater degree of independence, helping in rehabilitation and motivating the user in accepting the changes in lifestyle. The company develops a line of electronic clothing with special fabrics, which use nanotechnology to increase physical performance, increase manual function of the reach of the hands and feet, reduce muscle spasms, delay muscle atrophy, re-educate muscles and increase blood circulation ideal for practicing sports and rehabilitation see some developed items: insoles, socks, shirts, pants, gloves, caps, bracelets, 3D mats, straps and backpacks. There are devices with the Personal Health Recorder (PHR) function that collects statistical data by smartphone assisting in diagnostics and in the validation of the performance of the users.