Increase sensations on feet

Burning sensation in feet is caused due to the damage of the peripheral nerves
of the leg and this transmits signals of pain to the brain even when there is no injury. PIESOLE Insoles can increase sensations on feet.

Burning sensation in feet is a very common complaint, which occurs due to fatigue and overexertion. It occurs in all age groups and is a very common problem in people over 50 years of age. The medical term for burning sensation in feet is Paresthesia. This can be mild or severe and can be acute or chronic. Burning sensation in feet should never be ignored since it is a clinical symptom observed in some medical conditions and needs to be given appropriate medical treatment.

It is always good to prevent the medical disorder from occurring as well as to avoid it from recurrence. The following are some of the tips to prevent burning sensation in feet:

  • The socks, shoes, should be changed after some time – 3 to 6 months use.
  • The socks, shoes and feet should be allowed to dry.
  • The legs should be stretched frequently to ensure blood circulation and treated with cool water.
  • The feet should be allowed to rest as often as possible.

PIESOLE insoles can, in individual cases, help with the peripheral neuropathy that can come with diabetes, causing a decrease in foot sensation.  With the system PIESOLE the user can increase muscle moviments based on the scale from Medical Research Counc (MRC):

0️⃣ Muscle contraction not visible
1️⃣ Visible muscle contraction with or without movement
2️⃣ Limb movements, but not in relation to gravity
3️⃣ limb movement against gravity but no resistance
5️⃣ Movement of the limb in relation to at least some resistance imposed by the examiner
6️⃣ Normal strength



Burning sensation in the feet (Paresthesia) is an important clinical symptom of a number of medical conditions. Hence, it should not be ignored as caused due to fatigue. One should seek immediate medical help to get properly treated and to avoid problems in future.

As diabetics know, daily foot care is key to avoiding ulcers and amputations. Diabetes can cause damage to the nerves in a person’s feet and also to a person’s blood circulation due to poor glucose control.

With nerve damage to feet, diabetics can experience numbness, coldness of the legs, pins and needles, burning pains in the legs and feet. These symptoms can result in a loss of sensation in the feet – further increasing the risk of damage, as the person may not be able to feel any pain.

Having the unique textured PIESOLE insoles in their shoes may assist a diabetic to begin experience greater foot sensation and to better detect any further risk of foot damage.

If you would like to find out more about how PIESOLE can help with diabetes management, contact us.