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PIESOLE Walk Better Technology, has applications within neuro-rehabilitation, podiatry, orthopedics, sports medicine and pediatric development.

Improve your Health

What Piesole can do?

Help people walk better

Promotes vasodilation

The reduction of its mobility causes atrophy of the musculature, without use. Piesole promote Vasodilation results from the relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the blood vessel walls.

Increases blood flow

Increases blood flow, proper alignment and muscle memory, can provide significant relief for peripheral neuropathy, painful, plantar fasciitis, neuromas and others diseases.

Optimal frequency

Have been engineered to provide optimal frequency vibrations to the foot and leg which promotes Vasodilation and in turn an increased transport of O2, nutrients, and glucose.

Real-time measurement

Sensors detect position to make you footwear sense the ground better ever to help you get the best experience, are three modes use to make you walk better.


Being on your feet constantly can start to create problems throughout your joints and body. Piesole provide comfort all day long and provide relief from being on your feet all day.

Prevent injuries

Diferent modes use help you prevent falls. Sized to fit you better run everyday, infrared rays, light, breathable, anti-bacterial and moisture wicking. Long battery life, charge twice a week.

Welcome to PIESOLE

Prevent injuries


UNNUDE has created the PIESOLE system that enhances the feel of feet touching the ground, users are able to accurately identify when their feet touch the ground, thus reducing the sensation of imbalance, as well as the incidence of falls.

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